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Monday, September 29, 2003

Reflections on Life and Growth

There are many different ways to die, but perhaps the easiest way is simply to decide not to participate in life.

Life is motion; that is to say, life is bound in actions and in challenges. No action leaves you unaffected; every action, whether good or bad, shapes you and prepares you for more action; it changes you—it expands you. The more you are expanding, the more you are alive.

To fear change is to fear action and challenge, which is to fear life itself. If you try to remain the same and avoid challenges, you will change anyway, in ways that you don’t even realize. You will become frail and you will gradually decay, until you are entirely dead.

Complacency is the beginning of death. Running away from challenges is running away from life. You’re either growing or you’re dying.

So, be continuously expanding. Constantly face challenges, and remember that success is defined by the growth which comes through the process and not by any outward victories or titles which your efforts may produce.

Accept yourself as you are up to this point because that part you cannot change, but do not accept that you will remain as you are in the future. Do not think that things can or should remain the same.


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