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Friday, October 03, 2003

This is a poem which I wrote last spring during a difficult time of personal wrestling. Although I don't entirely support the perspectives that I have voiced here, I believe that this is one of my deepest and most profound writings. It explores the restless search for hope in the midst of an apparently overwhelming emptiness and apathy. Enjoy :)

Weary From Walking

Weary from walking,
Long having wandered
Dusty desert roads,
Looking for what had been.

Searching in emptiness,
Seeking after something
Taken away too soon,
Too cheaply.

Haunting dry desolation;
Not knowing how or where.
Those who were there have gone;
They have forgotten.

The next hill,
The next valley,
Nothing but rock and sand.

Eroding resolve;
Being beyond the end.
Abdication to apathy;
Awful silence.

A dove drifts through the sky;
In her mouth she carries a leaf,
A sign for a new age.
It is dry and brittle.


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