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Friday, February 27, 2004

A Posting
Well my friends, I really haven't posted anything since the last life age of the earth, but---lest you should suppose that I have departed to the far Allysian Fields---I have returned at last to these long-neglected cobweb- strewn spaces. Gently and patiently is life breathed into the dry bones. . . The dust, suspended thickly in the air, is stifling---and yet. . .

You know, It's really a lovely day today---the sort of day on which one naturally casts aside responsibility long enough to take a walk through fields of melting snow and reflect on the meaning of life. . .

Here's a brief thought for today:

There are no facts in the real world---only generalizations, theories, and beliefs. This thought has not struck me in this manner before. Reality is not made of facts---reality is fulness, but facts are little captured pieces of reality, and no number of them can represent reality any more than pieces of beef can represent a cow. Reality---any reality---is far too dynamic and complex to be understood with the mind alone; it has to be embodied.


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